About Epicurio Lemon Squeezers

Over the years, kitchen draws and cupboards have been filled with inventions that we use once and then suddenly, or rather quickly forget about.

The Fondue set, the ice cream machine, the grilled cheese toaster, the waffle iron and of course, the pasta maker. They all have one thing in common, they're generally not for the everyday cook, host or chef.

Our founder in France was convinced that kitchens and dinner tables still required something new and unique, but also something that helped the diner enjoy their food. Out of nowhere, the Epicurio Lemon Squeezer came to life. It met the brief perfectly; it avoided the embarrassment and hassle of messy fingers, avoidable lemon squirts to the eyes and pips in your food!

Our squeezer is used in thousands of homes in the UK and abroad. Found too in the hospitality trade including hotels (e.g. Ritz Carlton), restaurants (e.g. Paul Bocuse 3* Michelin, Lyon) ,country pubs and tea rooms. 

Features include;

  • Easy "Press then Pour" action
  • It collects all the lemon (or lime) juice with one easy squeeze
  • No embarrassing squirts - eliminates stains on clothes and linen
  • No lemon on your fingers - means you can enjoy the aroma of your food
  • Controlled pour with no drips and no pips in your food
  • It's lightweight and dishwasher safe
  • It's ideal for just the correct amount of juice
  • It can be used on a range of food from prawn cocktails and fish to pancakes, and hot lemon drinks as well
  • Made in France